Upgrades on Sonoma Sewer Lines to Begin this Summer

Upgrades on Sonoma Sewer Lines to Begin this Summer

This summer, the next phase of replacing an aging and failing sewer main will commence. This specific sewer main has been known to leak during heavy winter storms.

The replacing of sewer main is the beginning on a three year project which will comprise of three pipelines and more than 1.8 miles. The whole project will cost roughly $15 million.

There will be some impact to residents living in the Sonoma Valley area but the more than 50-year-old sewer system urgently needs replaced. This work will cease the discharge of untreated wastewater that has occurred over several decades when there’s significant rainfall in the area.

Currently, spills come during heavy storms that allow rain runoff and groundwater to seep into cracks in deteriorating sewer laterals overwhelming the system with so much volume that wastewater can leak out or overflow. Recent heavy rains led to more than five overflows involving 498,843 gallons of wastewater.

But the city isn’t the only one to blame. Private property owners in the Sonoma Valley system also are partly to blame. Homeowners are responsible for maintenance of the sewer laterals that connect their homes to the public sewer main. The city believes many are in need of repair due to their age and has made allowances for video inspections and rebates for repair and replacement.

The 1.8-mile replacements are to be completed by Oct. 2022.

Aging infrastructures are so common throughout the nation and many cities and towns are experiencing the same problems Sonoma Valley is at this time. It’s important to keep up the maintenance on aging pipes and take care of any issues immediately. A common form of restoring an aging pipe is the CIPP method.

CIPP is a method for restoring older pipe lines with minimal digging in streets and on adjacent property. A piece of durable lining is installed inside the old pipe. It is a safe and environmentally sound solution to replace and repair aging pipes.

If you are looking for information on protecting and repairing infrastructures, or for the nearest installer, contact Perma-Liner™ Industries today. Perma-Liner is the leading manufacturer and supplier of trenchless pipeline rehabilitation equipment and materials in North America. For 20 years, we have developed systems to rehabilitate existing sewer systems without excavation. Our experience in the CIPP industry has allowed us to design, patent and manufacture state of the art technology in order for us to repair structures without excavation.

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