Tips for Santa Fe Water Irrigation Systems

Santa Fe residents, have you winterized your irrigation landscape system yet? If not, there are a few recommendations that will minimize the risk of freeze damage. You will need to winterize before the first freeze and preferably as soon as possible as the recommendations are usually for the end of October. Some suggestions include:  the exterior faucet or hose bib needs to have its water supply turned off inside the house if possible and water drained by opening up the exterior faucet. If no inside shut off is available, exterior foam insulating covers should be utilized. Disconnect and drain water hoses. Shut off the main water supply to the irrigation system and drain the system. Drain the backflow preventer and open all manual drain valves in the irrigation system. Open automatic valve manual bleed screws.  Turn irrigation control off. Irrigation systems are installed using one of three types of water removal: manual drain, auto drain, or blowout. If you don’t know your system type, it is best to use the blowout method.  For optimum safety, a qualified contractor should perform the ‘blow out method’ which uses compressed air to clear water from the mainline pipe.

Interesting fact: Founded in 1608, Santa Fe is America’s oldest state capitol and was made the capital of the entire territory in 1610. Only two older surviving cities, both in Florida, exist: Pensacola, which was founded in 1559, and Saint Augustine, founded in 1565.


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