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Sinkholes For Everyone!

A large sinkhole opened in the middle of a busy intersection in downtown Louisville Saturday afternoon. The cause was a 100-year-old brick sewer that runs under downtown Louisville. It is estimated another few feet of asphalt and dirt add to the depth of the hole. However, it is not 30 feet deep as previously reported.

An estimate for how long repairs will take, has not been disclosed but they are hoping to have the major streets open in a couple of days. Crews are working to determine how to repair the hole as they figure out how extensive the damage inside the sewer is.Perma-Liner offer infrastructure friendly “no dig” option to municipalities as well as homeowners and business owners. Louisville, call Perma-Liner today to find out more on trenchless technology and how we can save you thousands of dollars without digging.Perma-Liner 866-336-2568 or visit our website at www.perma-liner.com.