Waterline Renewal Technologies

Santa Fe’s New Investment for Upgraded Sewer Treatment

The city of Santa Fe is currently outlining a strategy to overhaul sewer pipelines as well as equipment used for wastewater projects. To update the aging systems, the city is increasing its annual investment for maintaining the system. This proposal may include a slight, gradual increase to utility bills in the upcoming months. Several other cities throughout New Mexico are following suit with projects of their own, addressing conditions such as flooding, sewer overflows, and sustainability. The City of Las Cruces is in the process of constructing a 20-foot gravity wall to not only beautify the area but to provide a reliable measure of flood protection. Additionally, a storm water retention pond is also under construction. An action plan to address issues of groundwater contamination is ongoing, as well. For several years, the city has worked toward connecting homeowners to the sewer system, as a replacement for neighborhood septic systems. In areas where there are substantial residential subdivisions, traditional septic tank systems are no longer considered an appropriate choice due to potential health risks. On lots smaller than half an acre, the city no longer allows subdivisions to be built with septic tanks as a means of wastewater treatment.

Interesting fact: did you know that hailstorms are more common in the warmer months of the year? If your home or business sustained damage due to the recent and severe hailstorm in parts of New Mexico, you can expect many contractors and roof repair services to be readily available to help.

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