Santa Fe’s Backflow Prevention Law

Residents of Santa Fe are required to obtain a backflow prevention device. This is an important measure because backflow is contaminated water which could be hazardous and leave your household vulnerable to illnesses caused by pollutants. A backflow happens when the pipes in your home experience an unforeseen pressure change. If the pressure lowers, the water is then pulled back through the pipes in a manner of suction. If the pressure is higher, the water is involuntarily turned backwards.
The Safe Drinking Water Act (SWDA) of 1974 established a national program that would ensure the quality of America’s drinking water. It included a Federal mandate that the local water district provide safe drinking water and authorized the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to set standards for contaminants in public water systems. If a backflow does exist, then your device is not working properly or is damaged, leaving the door open for an unhealthy mix of sewage water intermingling with your drinking water.
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