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Santa Fe Meters Minimize Water Waste

The Eldorado area is in a semi-arid environment, with an average amount of rain totaling only 12 inches per year.  Many Eldorado residents have practiced conservation efforts in their use of water. A useful tool to tally water use is the required water meter. The meter is read approximately every 30 days.  This time frame may vary depending on weather.  If your meter has been damaged or is inaccessible for some reason, an estimate based on past consumption will be made and the next available meter reading will provide you with the actual usage during the estimated consumption period.

There are currently two types of meters in the city’s Water District: manually-read meters and electronic meters.  The older meters must be read manually; the electronic meters broadcast a radio signal that is read with an electronic device.  Electronic meters are read more precisely. The District is beginning to replace the older meters with radio-transmitting meters as funds are available. The initial projected cost for this replacement will be approximately 390,000, all told.  In winter, water meters can freeze if the cover is removed during extremely cold conditions. Because of this, meter reading may be delayed in the winter due to cold weather.  It is inadvisable to check your manually-read meter when the weather is below freezing.

Interesting fact: Eldorado residents are allowed to have ground-based solar arrays on their properties. This suburban community was one of the early trendsetters of passive solar technology, and many residents are welcoming the latest technology. There are currently 134 solar installations in Eldorado.

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