Red River: New Mexico’s Winter Charm

Red River is located in the Southern Rockies and is part of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. Settled by gold miners in the mid-1800’s, the pioneering spirit still exists. Red River’s four square miles are surrounded by the Carson National Forest and are a part of New Mexico’s Enchanted Circle Scenic Byways – an 87-mile scenic road at the base Wheeler Peak. Red River is off the beaten path. There are a few things not to be missed when visiting. One of these experiences is the Snow Coach Dinner Tour.  The tour starts from the Main Chalet and ascends 1600 vertical feet to the Ski Tip Restaurant.  After having a delicious meal, perhaps the acclaimed steak dinner, you’ll return back to the heated snow coach for the descent. Town lights twinkle in the distance as you make your way down the front side of the mountain. Your driver will cruise down The Face for some added excitement! Round trip times vary due to conditions but average trip takes about 2 hours.  Keep in mind that even though the snow coach is heated, warm footwear and clothing is recommended. Temperatures in the evening can be well below freezing.  Red River averages 200″ of snow each year making it a skier’s paradise and a snowboarder’s heaven. Happy winter fun!!

Interesting fact:  In the Red River drainage basin, there are approximately 25 distinct alteration scar areas.  Alteration scars are landforms characterized by steep slopes, a lack of soil, iron oxide staining and clay formation, rapid erosion, and common slumping and land sliding. Runoff from the highly visible scars in the Red River valley contains elevated concentrations of iron oxides and clay minerals that turn the water orange, giving the Red River its name.


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