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New Mexico’s Adjacent Landscape: Asset to Water Infrastructures


The land of Enchantment, also known as New Mexico, is full of historic sites and interesting places to visit. Many of its cities are strategizing on how to best save water, while simultaneously alleviating the burden on infrastructures. Many of the landscape architectures and building structures were constructed centuries ago. The University of New Mexico has also dedicated time and resources to creative projects on behalf of sustainable causes, such as conservation. The effort involves the use of a retention pond, located at the University, receiving up to 14 million gallons of water. The water will be reused in order to irrigate one of the golf courses on campus. The initiative is an action plan created to manage the campus water resources, using the most effective methods. UNM has already saved over a million gallons of water since beginning the project this year. Prior to this, approximately 14 million gallons of water settled in the city’s sewer system each year.

In Santa Fe, a similar effort is aimed at rehabilitating infrastructures, including roadways and sewer systems. As part of a plan to keep vital systems working efficiently and collectively, many of the city’s thoroughfares are aligned and constructed with effective flood water controls. Additionally, some areas have storm water retention ponds, as well as landscaped medians to add to the artistic design of the city.

Interesting fact about creepy crawlers: did you know that cockroaches sometimes seek a hiding place in water meters? Not to worry! There are ways to keep these insects away from your home. Seal any holes or crevices around plumbing- under sinks and behind toilets. Also, make sure you keep all of your drains closed at night, when not in use. In some areas, roaches will infest the sewer systems and septic tanks.

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