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Estancia History of Salt lakes and Infrastructure Improvements


Estancia is a Spanish word that is usually translated as “place of rest,” but it has other variations.  A “stay” in the hospital is an estancia in Spanish, as would be a “sojourn” abroad.  Also known for its many large salt flats and lagoons, Estancia was an important source of salt to ancient people.  Estancia Valley Lake Basin is a closed drainage basin with no outflow and is valued for its continual source of salt for New Mexico.  The largest lake within the Basin is Lagunda de Perro which runs approximately 12 miles long, a mile wide and only a few inches deep. Currently, the town of Estancia is making improvements to the infrastructure of the community by upgrading the sewer system and removing the use of wells and septic tanks. Up to 20 homeowners will be included in the project. This initiative began in response to the city’s concern over the contamination of municipal wells. The town was assisted in funding for the project with a Community Development Block Grant.

Interesting fact:  Special appropriations are state grants normally used for infrastructure projects within New Mexico. Communities apply for these funds through their legislative representatives. When money is appropriated by the legislature and approved by the Governor, the funds are distributed to the communities through assigned state agencies, who then provide oversight of the expenditure of the funds. When projects pertain to water, wastewater or other environmental infrastructure, project oversight is routinely provided by the NM Environment Department through The Construction Programs Bureau (CPB). Grant agreements are executed between CPB and the communities for expenditure of the funds and monies are disbursed through a reimbursement process.

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