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Detecting a Water Leak and Cost Efficiency in Santa Fe

We use water daily but when it comes to cost efficiency and resourcefulness there are some key points to keep in mind.  Every once in a while, it is a good idea to check for leaks and there is a systematic way to make sure your money is not going down the drain.  Check all faucets for drips. Replace worn and leaking washers, gaskets, pipes or defective fixtures. Check for leaks on outside faucets, and make sure the valve closes properly. Check toilets for leaks–they are the most common cause of high bills! Check the overflow of the tank to make sure no water is running over (float level may be set too high). The flapper valve in the bottom of the tank may also be a source of a possible water leak. To check for a flapper valve leak, put a small amount of food coloring in the toilet tank after it has filled. Do not flush the toilet for at least an hour, or overnight if possible. If the food coloring shows up in the bowl without flushing, you may have a leaking flapper or plunger ball valve. Note: Kool-Aid also works as a coloring agent.

As with most Cities, there is a pay structure of what it’ll cost you for your water use.  In Santa Fe, water loss for a leaking toilet would be calculated at 1/2 GPM( gallons per minute) =21,600 gallons per month, stuck check valve in washing machine for 30 minutes would equal 240 gallons, watering your garden for 2 hours @ 5 GPM = 18,000, and so on.  A general rule of thumb for regular, daily use is: 1 bath equals approximately 42 gallons, 1 shower = 17 gallons, a load of clothes = 45 gallons and a flushed toilet is 3 gallons.  Keeping tabs on the amount of water being used will help prevent unnecessary water waste and save on your water bill.

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